SafePC, LLC, Computers  Service & Repair, St George, UT


Top Current Threats

  •  Tech Support Scam
  •  Crypto Locker (Scary)
  •  Identity Theft
  •  Child Predators
  •  Computer Hackers

What is a Virus?

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What is Malware?

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Who is SafePC?

SafePC helps you arm yourself with the educational resources to stay informed about malicious software and viruses that attack home computers, mobile phones, and other devices that connect to the World Wide Web.

SafePC will help keep you informed about the dangers of malware and viruses that destroy computers, breach security and can lead to identity theft and other devastating situations. SafePC helps you build your first line of defense.

SafePC offers advanced protection for individuals, families, and businesses who want to keep their information and networks protected.  These protections can range from basic to custom made and all provide the safety and protection that is necessary in today's online environment.

SafePC will work with you to prevent problems associated with viruses and malware.  You will be assigned a personal representative who will walk you through your computer needs step by step and explain what can be done to help you.

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